The Platinum Jubilee Cheeseboard

The Platinum Jubilee Cheeseboard

Now, if you believe everything that is said on the internet HRH isn't the biggest fan of cheese, although I refuse to believe that she doesn't hunker down with a lump of Colston Bassett in front of Gogglebox every once in a while - she's only human!

Let's not let that little fact ruin the rest of our fun, and what better way is there to celebrate this Jubilee weekend than with a giant cheeseboard with all your besties?!

And luckily for you we've got the perfect board for a right royal knees up. Included in your board is:

Baron Bigod - A British Brie-style cheese with a bloomy, mushroomy rind and a sweet and sticky paste.
Ashcombe - A Morbier-style cheese with a smooth, squishy, buttery paste and a tacky, washed rind.
Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire - Delicious buttery-crumbly texture and a bright and tangy flavour.
Sparkenhoe Red Leicester - Juicy with a subtle acidity, it's smooth and moreish.
Perl Las - Welsh soft blue, mild blue veining in a sweet and creamy paste.

Included with the box is some Damson fruit cheese and crackers.

Wondering what size board you should order? You don't want to run out of cheese afterall...

Small 4-6 people
Medium 7-13 people
Large 14+

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