Sawuchay Chilli Garlic

Sawuchay Chilli Garlic

Sweet, savoury, spicy and deliciously garlicky - Chilli Garlic Sawuchay is plant based and packs a punch. It is thicker than usual hot sauces so that it's easier to dip and get stuck in - add some to your fajitas or even turn up your tofu stir fry.

About the Producer
Everyone loves a good sauce, but like many others out there we struggled to find one that tickled our taste buds in just the right way. That's where Sawuchay comes in. We are making it our mission to bring fresh, innovative and indulgent flavours to the nation's tables. So, push aside that standard sauce and let us show you the light!


Produced by: Hambis

Prep & usage

Great for dipping and marinating


Store in a cool dry place and refrigerate once opened

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

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