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Twist Teas Passionfruit & Rose - 15 Velvet Pouches

Twist Teas Passionfruit & Rose - 15 Velvet Pouches

Swap booze for brews with this delicious alternative to bubbly.

Have a moment of passion with this elegant Chinese white tea, enhanced with floral notes and a passionfruit zing.

The Twist

This limited edition blend has been created specifically to serve cold with sparkling water.

Brewing Instructions

To serve hot: Add boiling water, infuse for 3-5 minutes and serve without milk.

To serve cold: Simply add cold water. Brew for 3 minutes or longer, to taste. Store in a refrigerator.


Chinese White Tea, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Freeze-dried Passionfruit (5%), Elderflower, Orange Blossom, Rose Petals, Natural Flavouring.

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